We have various opportunities to increase your PROFITS

How You Can Safely Invest Your Money In Today’s Market Through Private Money Lending



Investing for 6-12 months for straight interest or shared profits


Buy and Hold for rental

I-3 years for those who would like a steady monthly income.

Maybe you would like us to locate,secure,and repair or rehab properties that are already cash flowing.

What ever your needs are we can assist you.


Your borrowers are real estate investors who come across great deals for deeply discounted properties they need to fund fast or risk missing out. These properties are often in need of repair for them to sell at a great profit. This is called ” rehabbing”.

These rehabbers cannot go or choose not to go with traditional lenders for various reasons. Instead they choose to use private money from lenders who understand the real estate business and can fund deals quickly.

Because they need funds quickly and often for a short amount of time these rehabbers are more than happy to accept loans with larger interest rates and terms that favor the lender.

We are active real estate investor currently looking for partners to help secure properties.We buy properties at huge discounts and often need silent partners to help fund deals.We are often willing to pay higher interest rates for short-term private money loans.


All transactions are handled by an attorney and follow all SEC, state and county laws and regulations. There is no co mingling or pooling of funds, one lender one mortgage. You will be issued a mortgage and note against the property that you help fund. When the property is sold you will receive a check for your funds and profit . If you choose you can then reinvest those funds for another project.

Thank you for your interest in Rochester NY Investor Group. We seeks out Real Estate Investment opportunities locally and  across the United States. Because we use private partnerships to grow the group’s buying power we always have an opportunity for investment.
Because we are completely SEC compliant, in order for us to share our visions with you, we will require some basic information to qualify you for our opportunities.

All transactions are handled by an attorney and follow all state, county, and SEC laws and regulations.

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Investor Qualification Questionnaire

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Other Services

 Rehab a property that you are buying or already own.

 Property Management

 Rehab Estimate for properties you are considering to buy.

 Clean out and securing vacant properties.

 What ever you need I’m sure we can help, just give us a call.


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