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Company name:  Nu Dwelling – Managing partner: Lizette Bullock
Description: Designer, renovator and rehabber.
Quote:  I modernize, restore, and renovate always adding special details to each property.

Dave Walter Investments

We buy rehab and sell single family homes in Rochester,NY.  We may have your next home. Fill out the form below and follow the link to get Pre-Qualified.

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Pat and Don Rechlin

Pat Rechlin and her husband, Donald, have successfully owned and maintained rental property for 35 yrs. In June of 2012, Pat founded R-Enterprises, a rental property management company to support the current and future rental properties she would acquire to generate an additional stream of income revenue.

Simultaneously, she started PATTENDON, L.L.C. which would be an entity to manage the new real estate investment properties they would purchase. Ever seeking new investment opportunities, she has purchased, several single family homes needing much “TLC”.  Some will be rehabilitated and “flipped” for a profit, while others she and her husband will and hold as additional rental income properties. Pat and her husband are constantly networking with fellow investors, contractors, brokers, lenders and real estate professionals to seek quality resources to expand their business in the Rochester area.



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