Reaching For the Brass Ring

Reaching for that brass ring! That’s a phrase many here probably heard before,and some may know how it came about.For those who don’t know this is where it came from. When we were kids we all road on the carousel ( more commonly known as the merry-go-round) well there use to be an arm that stuck out from a side wall that would drop brass rings in a holding clip. If you where the lucky one to be there at that wright moment you could grab it. When there was no ring there you had to click the holder because it would drop a new ring after so many times. The trick was not to do it so often that it would drop so the person behind you would get it.

Now that is no longer in use but the phrase has lived on. People still use it as they describe their goals in life.

So as you navigate your way to the BRASS RING threw your REI investing career pay attention to what is going on around you. Who’s playing the game,how are they playing, do they keep missing the ring or do they grasp it every time around.

So learn from everything you see and hear. Develop a strategy that works for you and keep repeating it.

If you don’t learn from other’s actions, wright or wrong you will be stuck on that merry-go-around. Posted in Inspirational, Uncategorized | Tagged Inspirational | Leave a reply