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Buying Property Out Of State Or Country?


Below the 3 photos are of a property purchased by an International Investor for 30k he was also charged 10k more to renovate and get ready for rental in 2012.

He contacted a Realtor to list it for sale, the Realtor told him that he could only list it for 12k. In June 2013 the owner flew here and had it boarded up.

The owner contacted me to manage or try to sell it. He gave me the phone number of the property manager so I could get keys, my phone calls were never returned. I had a couple wholesalers go check it out but the property is completely destroyed. Everything has been ripped out including the drywall to gain access to the copper wiring.

The investor has over 40k loss to this property and the taxes that are still adding up.  This is just one of a few properties I have been contacted about.

Don’t let this happen to you!









If  you are thinking about investing outside your area find someone you can trust by referral.

There are so many people getting ripped off by Wholesalers and Property Management Companies.  Find out who is being recommended by people in that area.

This past month I was contacted by three separate people 1 from the west coast, 2 from two separate countries, about property they bought here  for investment and they have been greatly taken advantage of.  The two for other countries their properties are completely destroyed everything has been ripped out and now they are boarded up.

The third is rented but she only received 10% of the collected rent last year. The Property management company told her the rest went for repairs and management fees.

When I contacted the Management Companies they all avoided me because they knew why I was calling and that they were in the wrong.

If you are interested in buying investment property in the Greater Rochester, NY area please feel free to contact me. I will check the property out take photos and do a complete evaluation of the property and potential rental income and rehab cost.  I will provide you with a detailed report and opinion if it is worth the purchase or not.  I charge between one and two hundred dollars for this service. If you decide to purchase it and hire us to do the renovations if needed or handle the management I will give that fee back as a credit.

I have been rehabbing properties for investors since the early nineties. I am adding a link of recommendations

Don’t Get Trapped By The Real Estate Guru Hype

A few times every year the Real Estate Guru Circus comes to town.  The radio ads start blasting how their strategy is perfect for your town and they will teach you how you too can make big money flipping foreclosures.

Seats are limited so call Now!

Truth is they are Marketing Gurus. They travel all over the country selling the same ideal. Sure they made some money flipping houses when they started out in THEIR HOME TOWN.   But do you think they know more about the city then the people who live their or the local investors and realtors that do this every day. The answer is NO.

They never mention in their ads that you will have to sign up for their Coaching Academy for $25,000-$40,000 before you are qualified to learn their strategy.

They usually get your phone number when you reserve your seat, so someone can contact you before the event to find out how much cash and or credit you have . This is how they know who too devote more time with when they ask you to stop at the tables in the back of the room.

Every time these Gurus leave town we get calls from the  disillusioned attendees, asking for help with finding a deal or helping them fix the dumps they bought because they are now alone and  NO GURUS in site.

Last year one person told us that they were told  they would get more out of the Coaching Program  if they pay 40K instead of just the 25K .

That would get them two calls a week from the coaching staff instead of the one phone call to ask them if they are looking at properties  and have they been making at least 25 offers a week.

If you are even thinking about investing in Real Estate find someone who lives where you do to work with. There are good honest people in this business in every city find them and start out smart.  The best way is to earn while you learn, with the right help they will show you how to invest that 25K-40K instead of wasting it on some out of state Coaching BS.

Real Estate Investing  has been around since we moved out of the caves don’t fall for all the New Strategy Hype.  Find someone local that has been doing it and ask them if they would like to partner up with you. Good Luck and invest smart.

Come to one of are events and meet the right people here in your home town.